Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrating Peace!

In recognition of the “International Day of Peace” Cornerspring Montessori School participated in its fifth annual peace celebration on Monday, September 24th.  The children began with a circle gathering outside for a moment of silence.  The celebration continued with a song about peace and a world peace meditation led by teacher Lily Goodale.  Marc Archambault from White Doves of Maine released one of his beautiful doves in honor of this day.  The school ended their celebration with a peace parade through the athenahealth complex.  Children marched with handmade doves and pinwheels signifying peace followed in a procession lead by an enormous handmade cloth dove. The “International Day of Peace” is celebrated worldwide on Sept 21st.  For more information on the International Day of Peace you can go to:


Friday, September 21, 2012

Tennis Anyone?

The Raven Classroom has begun weekly tennis lessons at the Belfast City Park with teacher Chip Curry and volunteer/parent Sanna McKim.  Instructors toss tennis balls to each student and work on hitting the ball with a forehand, backhand and serving motion.  The children are really enjoying the outdoor time and the physical activity while learning the basics of tennis.