Tuesday, November 5, 2013



Our 3 day Chickadee students enjoyed our first class field trip to Mainly Apples in Dixmont.  It was an absolute beautiful day for apple picking, reading stories, sharing a snack and being outdoors together as a classroom community.  The orchard staff was very friendly and helpful in modeling the proper ways to pick apples and discussed the importance of respecting apple trees.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to drive and chaperone this event. 

As an extension of our apple picking trip and our introduction to community building in the classroom, the children participated in making and enjoying applesauce.  Apples were peeled, cut and cooked and then enjoyed together. Delicious!

Our 2 day Chickadee students participated in a morning full of hands-on pumpkin carving fun! A special "thank-you" goes out to the Bahner family for donating the pumpkins for our special day and to all the parent volunteers for their time and careful carving. This was a great opportunity to bring our classroom and families together in a fun way. 

We would like to welcome a new friend to our 3 day chickadee classroom.  Riley Hall and her family joined our Cornerspring community this month.  If you happen to see them at drop off or pick up, please extend a warm welcome.  

You may have heard of another classroom friend "Clementine" our new class pet guinea pig.  The children are excited to welcome him to our classroom and look forward to helping take care of his daily needs.  His is well loved and cared for already.

October was fire safety month and as a school we discuss fire safety and in our classrooms we practiced fire drill procedures such as lining up, meeting at our assigned spot, and hearing the fire alarm. We invited local fire fighters to our classroom to show the children how a firefighter looks and sounds in all their gear.  They discussed fire safety in the home and in school.  Afterwards, the children were excited to take turns sitting in one of the emergency vehicles. 

October also brought a few birthday walks in our classroom.  This beautiful and sometimes tearful tradition is a great way to honor your child’s special day.  Parents are invited to the birthday walk celebration and enjoy sharing pictures and stories with the class. It is a fun and special tradition.
Thank-you parents for all the wonderful, creative, and healthy snack choices we enjoy each day. The children have been enjoying serving themselves and dish washing too as part of our individual snack routine.  Being the snack leader is an important part of our daily routine.  As the snack leader, children enjoy preparing the snack table, tipping the rain stick to call their friends for circle, and holding the door for their friends. The other children practice common courtesies by thanking their friend for holding the door for them.


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