Friday, January 17, 2014

Chickadee News

Happy New Year!

The Chickadee Classroom is happy to announce the new country of study this year is Poland. We are fortunate this year to have two Polish families in the Chickadee Classroom; Kaska and Chris Gardner (and daughter Gabi) and Viola and Ethan Shaw (and son Tristan).  Both families look forward to sharing their special traditions and celebrations with us.

Gabi and her family recently returned from Poland and were happy to share a special Polish snack with the 3-Day Chickadee Class.

The Chickadee Classroom will be creating and tasting more special foods from Poland, exploring the Polish flag and culture, and creating artwork inspired by the Polish culture and artists. We are currently having fun exploring the Polish language and have fun saying "hello" and "good-bye" in Polish.

"Special Persons Night"

Special Person's Night is a special night in the Chickadee Classroom. The children created and delivered invitations this week and next week will be planning and preparing a snack for everyone to share. They are excited and look forward to (coming to school at night) and sharing their special school and classroom. The Chickadee Classroom will host “Special Persons Night” from 6:00-7:00 o'clock and we look forward to sharing our Montessori methods and activities with your child’s special person!

Wednesday, January 22 (3-Day Chickadee)

Thursday, January 23 (2-Day Chickadee)

We would like to give a warm "Welcome" to our new friends who joined the Chickadee Classroom in January.

Welcome to the 2-Day Chickadee Classroom:
  • Cora Hazelhurst-family Rachel and Sam Hazelhurst
  • Lucia Tenaglia-family Liz and Jim Tenaglia
  • James Falconer-family Jessica and Warren Falconer

Welcome to the 3-Day Chickadee Classroom:
  •  William Jilek - family Heather and Nicholas Jilek

Please extend a warm welcome to our new families and friends!

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