Friday, October 12, 2012

Cardinal Classroom

Our 5 Day Cardinal Class enjoyed an apple picking field trip to Maine-ly Apples Apple Orchard in Dixmont.  This field trip was the start of two fun classroom community building projects.  Our first project was with our kindergarten children.  Upon our return to the classroom, they all shared two of their apples into a large bowl.  They then all worked together preparing the apples to make individual little apple crisps.  Our second project was done the next morning with the entire class.  While we were still at the orchard after the children had finished picking their apples.  We all gathered together in a circle so that each child could put one apple from their pickings into a basket.  These apples were then brought back to the classroom so that the next day the children could work together to make applesauce, which was then eaten by all at our morning closing circle.  The children could see that by each sharing just one or two of their apples and by everyone taking turns helping to prepare them they were able to create something that could be shared and enjoyed by all.

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