Friday, November 2, 2012

Cardinals "Pumpkin Jack"

We started the month of October with the story of Pumpkin Jack, written and Illustrated by Will Hubbell.  It is a sweet story of a boy who carves a pumpkin and names him Jack.  He is sad when his pumpkin begins to rot and needs to be put outside.  He is delighted to discover when springtime arrives that a pumpkin plant has sprouted.  It is the beginning of a new life-cycle. 
So we brought a pumpkin into the classroom as our representation of Jack.  All month the children waited in anticipation for when we would transform it into "Pumpkin Jack".  On the day of Halloween the children all worked together to carve out "Pumpkin Jack".  We then roasted the seeds and shared them at circle.  Pumpkin Jack is still in our classroom and will remain until he begins to rot.  At that time we will place him in one of our garden beds with several of the seeds we saved.  We will watch his transformation progress until springtime when hopefully a sprout will emerge and begin a new life cycle of our "Pumpkin Jack".

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