Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fire Safety Visit at Cornerspring

In recognition of Fire Safety Month Cornerspring invited local firefighter and parent Dan Miller and Chief Bill Gillespie from the Liberty Fire Department to come and teach our students about fire safety. 
They discussed several safety practices students (and their families) should do to help avoid fires as well as what to do if a fire breaks out, such as:
  • Call 911 in an emergency and if they ever call by mistake to tell the operator it was a mistake and not just hang up
  •  Stop, Drop, and Roll if your clothes catch on fire
  • Testing the smoke detectors at home and changing the batteries regularly
  • Not hanging clothes to dry near wood stoves or heaters, especially overnight
  • Have a fire escape plan including making a meeting place to find their parents so mom and dad know if they got out of the house

Here is a helpful tidbit...Did you know that firefighters can seem scary to a child?  That is why Dan demonstrated  what a firefighter will look like and sound like with all of their equipment to help the children be less afraid.  That way they know to yell for help when they see this intimidating figure and not run and hide. Dan and Bill reminded the students that firefighters may look a little scary but they are there to help people get to safety in an emergency.

Some important information for parents to know is that some children actually don’t wake up with the smoke alarm soundFor this reason there is now a smoke detector available that allows the parent to record their own voice with a message since children are more likely respond to their parent’s voice.

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