Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Playground Fun!

A Little Help from Our Friends!
Chickadee head teacher Becca Couch thought the Cornerspring playground needed a little sprucing up and decided to put it out to the Cornerspring community.  A committee of enthusiastic parents, teachers, and board members rallied to join the committee and help.  They began working on a plan for the playground by meeting to discuss some of the initial stages.  They quickly went to work getting the immediate things done.  Committee members rolled giant tires donated by director Paula Johnson and her family and placed them on the playground.  The kids had a blast playing on the tires.  A few weeks later, Joseph Holmes excited the children by bringing his excavator and digging the holes to place the tires and parallel bars in the dirt.  The children were thrilled the next day when they could play on the tires and parallel bars. 

The committee will continue their upgrade of the playground by constructing a shed for housing playground tools and toys.  In addition, the committee will build a bigger sand box and place it on the playground this spring for the children to enjoy.  The school will also investigate the cost and delivery of wood chips for the committee members to help spread throughout the playground early in the spring.

Thank you to our volunteers and committee members:
Joseph Holmes
Mike Dionne
Chip Curry
Ethan Shaw
Dan Miller
Scott Kelley
Alexia Morgan
Emma Menard
Becca Couch, Chairperson


Come and join the fun!

 Volunteers are still needed!

Contact Becca for more details or for other ways you can help.


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