Friday, January 4, 2013

Celebrating the Coming of Longer Days

                                             Winter Solstice Breakfast with the Robins

As the days shorten by a few precious minutes each day, anticipating and preparing our Solstice Breakfast brightens our energy and gives us all a happy outlook.  This simple and joyful tradition of sitting down together to eat breakfast, at a beautifully decorated table, with quiet music in the background, is a peaceful way to spend our last day together before our winter break.    
The class worked in committees to plan the entire breakfast; we spent a part of each afternoon in groups brainstorming, sharing and deciding our plansAs the following pictures show, all of the planning made the breakfast a great success!
The morning of the breakfast was quite a flurry of activity with decorating, moving furniture around, preparing the food, preparing the menus, and arranging the seating at the tables.  Then comes the fun part...eating good food with good friends!!  There was a lot of yummy food to choose from like pancakes, syrup, applesauce, bacon or sausage, fruit, cocoa, juice, milk and more which was all provided by the children's families and by the teachers. 
And finally, the flurry of activity starts all over again with the clean up.

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