Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chickadee News February

A Special Thank-you!

The month of February is a special month in the Chickadee Classroom. Each year, the children at the Cornerspring Montessori School celebrate with a new “Country of Study" unit. This year the Country of Study unit will be on POLAND. This year we are especially fortunate in the Chickadee Classroom to have two Polish families in our 3-day classroom.

On Monday, February 3rd the Chickadee Classroom enjoyed two special Polish art projects with Chris and Kaska Gardner. Kaska Gardner worked with a small group of children creating special Polish stencil flags made on canvas with acrylic paints. While Chris Gardner, also worked with each of the children, to create special white snowflake designs, based on famous Polish scissor cutting techniques.

Thank-you Kaska and Chris!

On Wednesday, February 5th the Chickadee Classroom enjoyed a special day of Polish cooking and folktales. The morning was full of Polish fun as Wiola Shaw worked with all of the children to create their own special Polish food treat. The children had fun wearing special cooking aprons, rolling dough with rolling pins, and topping with strawberries and cream. Yum! We also enjoyed a fun Polish dragon folktale story and finished with creating our own special dragon picture.

Thank-you Wiola!

The Chickadee Classroom will continue our country of study unit through March and will be having a special "ART NIGHT" on Friday, March 14th, where you can view our special Polish inspired creations, and enjoy in a full school art celebration. (Invitations coming soon)

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