Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome Spring!

On Tuesday, April 8, the 2-Day Chickadee Classroom friends celebrated the beginning of Spring with a fun hands-on morning of planting wheat grass seeds and painting fun dragon fly stakes.

The Chickadee Classroom recently received a cute little window box greenhouse as a gift for the classroom. (Thank-you Paula Johnson!)

The greenhouse is a great place  to put our seeds as we study plants and watch and learn how they grow.

On Thursday, April 17, the Chickadee Classroom welcomed Christa Bahner, for another fun planting morning full of hands-on potting and planting of runner bean seeds and basil plants. The Bahner Farm has generously offered to start our beans and basil plants in their greenhouse over vacation and help us in the classroom when they return.

 Thank-you Bahner Family!

"Inch By Inch, Row by row"

"Someone bless these seeds I sow!"

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